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Benjamin Chee Chee


Benjamin Chee Chee (1944-1977) was an artist of Ojibway descent from Temamgami, Ontario. He painted in a style heavily influenced by modern abstract painters.

Chee Chee was renowned for his depictions of geese and other birds, calling them ‘creatures of the present’. He used flowing, graceful lines with minimal colour, often reducing the image to minimalist features, emphasizing an extreme simplicity of form.

Benjamin Chee Chee’s life was troubled almost from birth. His father died when Benjamin was two months old, and he lost contact with his mother. He spent much of his life looking for her, and his drive to become a successful artist was largely driven by this ambition.

Tragically, Chee Chee committed suicide in Ottawa in 1977. He was 32 years old and on the verge of great commercial success. His body of work includes a very limited number of original paintings due to his short creative period as an artist. His signed, limited edition prints are therefore sought after and considered valuable collectors items.