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WOOCS 2.2.6

Phil Joe

Coast Salish

Phil (Phillip) Joe Jr. was born and raised in Quwutsun (Duncan), BC on Vancouver Island. He is a full time artist who has also taught art to youths and adults in schools near Duncan.

Phil started his career by studying artists such as Manuel Salazar, Joe Wilson, Ed Joe, Stuart Pagaduan, and lessLIE, to name just a few. He credits his dad, Phil Joe Sr. and Delmar Johnnie with being his biggest inspiration.

Phil respects the traditional rules in the art creation process, but accepts that there are contemporary aspects to this work. He says, “I see this becoming more and more common in all Salish artworks, whether it is wood, paper or weaving.”

Phil’s art has been featured in a clothing line, but his focus now is on original paintings and limited edition prints.