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Roy Henry Vickers


Roy Henry Vickers was born in Northern British Columbia in 1946 and has spent his entire life living on the West coast of BC. His father had a Tsimshian, Haida and Heiltsuk First Nations background, while his mother was from an English immigrant family. This mixed heritage has had a strong influence on Roy’s art.

Vickers is best known for his limited edition prints (serigraphs), but he is also an accomplished carver, keynote speaker, and a publisher and author of several books. In 2018 he was nominated for a Grammy for his work on the presentation box of the Grateful Dead’s Pacific Northwest 73-74 Boxed Set, a project which took three years to complete. Vickers feels that this was one of the highlights of his artistic career.

Vickers’ love and respect for the beauty of the Canadian West coast is captured in his art – a balanced mix of the traditional and the contemporary. At times his colours and images are bold and vivid, other times they are more subdued and tranquil. But no matter, Vickers has enjoyed universal success because his art appeals to a global audience, transcending age, background, beliefs and traditions.