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Kelsey (KC) Hall – Where Graffiti Meets Tradition

April 18, 2019
Serigraph titled Outside Looking In by KC Hall
Introducing KC Hall

Heiltsuk artist KC Hall represents a new generation of Native artists. He is combining graffiti with traditional form line. In the process he is reaching a whole new group of art enthusiasts. The thought that he might be ruffling the feathers of traditionalists along the way is of no concern to him. KC says, “Native art is nothing like it was 10 years ago. At one point everything was changing except for the form itself (….) and now people are adding to it and making it a newer version of itself, while sticking true to the foundation that it was built upon.”

A Dynamic Artist

KC Hall wholeheartedly embraces change and recognizes that it is happening every day all around us. Always creating, his art changes and evolves as he goes. He doesn’t stick with one contemporary style either. Instead, he constantly wants to switch things up and do something different. In that sense, he is very much a product of our dynamic and rapidly changing world.

Fusing Street Art With The Traditional Style

When asked about his preferred medium, KC explains that it “is a mix of spray paint and acrylic on canvas or wood panels. The mix of using spray paint to create the background to lay colour and form line is what I most enjoy. I also enjoy painting bentwood boxes and skateboard decks. Basically, a mixture of my street art background with the traditional style I am still studying.”

In addition to canvases, wood panels, bentwood boxes and skateboard decks, KC has completed many wall murals around Vancouver. He has even used basketballs and guitars as mediums for his designs.

Outside The Mainstream

Earlier this year, KC has released a serigraph of an original painting. It is his first limited edition screen print and has helped to introduce his art to a global audience. The title of the print is Outside Looking In. It is a reference to being on the outside with the non-traditional aspects of his art, and not quite belonging to the mainstream. It’s a piece that has very modern, urban elements which literally “spill” into the traditional style elements in the design.

Clearly, convention will not slow KC down.

Click here to view Tree of Life, KC’s 2nd limited edition print.

(Image: ‘Outside Looking In‘ by KC Hall)