What is an artist’s proof?

An artist’s proof (AP) is a print set aside from an edition for the artist’s use. AP’s are notated with the letters AP and a number. The total number of AP’s produced is up to the artist, but it is usually a percentage of the size of the edition run.

Due to their low numbers, if an AP is made available for sale, it will typically sell at a higher price than the regular edition.

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Why are limited edition prints more expensive than other prints?

The price of limited edition prints is a function of the limited supply of the product, and its quality. Typically, smaller editions will be more expensive. The number of colours used (in screen printing) and the popularity of the artist will also determine the value.

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Will the value of a limited edition print increase like other collector’s items?

By their nature of being limited in number, demand for certain limited edition prints can be greater than the total number of prints produced for the edition. Once the publisher has sold out of the edition, the prints are considered to be on the secondary market. At this point a print often sells above issue price, depending on demand.

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What is a limited edition serigraph?

A limited edition serigraph, or silk screen print, is a print from an edition which is limited to a one-time printing of a certain number of pieces. The artist typically signs and numbers each print.

Silk screening, which was introduced around 1907, is also known as serigraph printing. During the process, a stencil of an image is placed on a taut screen with paper underneath. Ink is then spread on top and forced through the screen onto the paper with a squeegee. Unlike photo-offset, silkscreens (serigraphs) allow the artist to vary the colours and patterns while printing. A different screen is used for each colour in the print, and this results in a print with great colour density and many qualities of the original piece in terms of colour saturation.

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