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Carol Young

November 5, 2019
Moon Mask by Carol Young

I recently learned of the passing of Haida artist Carol Young. Carol was a very kind and humble person, and an exceptional carver. Her favourite pieces to carve were her unique portrait masks.

In 2012, I had the pleasure of publishing her first serigraphs – Hummingbirds and Butterflies, two editions which have long sold out. Of the hummingbird Carol said: “I too am small in stature, but it has never stopped me from accomplishing what I wanted.”

When asked about becoming an artist, Carol said “If you would have asked me if I would do art for a living, I would have grinned and said no. Now, as a Haida artist I am discovering who I am. This transformation from a full time mother to an artist has very much been a rebirth for me. It has not only given me a new way to see myself, it has also given me a new perspective of others and the world, a more positive view.”

Steinbrueck Gallery in Seattle, who have worked closely with Carol for many years, have scheduled a show in Carol’s and her family’s honour. It has been scheduled for Saturday, November 15th. Everyone is welcome to attend and pay tribute to her accomplishments.

“I live for today, and today I am very grateful for the gifts I have been given.”
· Carol Young