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Broken Circle (Printer's Proof)

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  • Edition Size:
  • 52 signed and numbered, 2 printer's proofs
  • Print Number:
  • 2
  • Paper Size:
  • 46 x 62 cm, 18 x 24.5 inches
  • Image Size:
  • 38 x 55 cm, 15 x 21.5 inches
  • Publication Year:
  • 2007

Broken Circle is a commentary on the dwindling salmon population of the Northwest coast of North America. Pollution, global warming, and over-fishing have all contributed to reducing the population to a new all time low in recent years.

The overall design is reminiscent of a large commercial fishing net, bulging under the weight of a large catch. Within the net, there are 24 fish designs, each different from the next. Susan Point hopes that this will encourage people to look closer at the issues surrounding our dwindling fish stocks.

This serigraph is #2 from an edition of two (2) printer's proofs. The regular edition consists of 52 signed and numbered prints.

This limited edition silk screen print titled "Broken Circle" by Susan Point was hand produced by the screen printing process. It is the only limited edition printing of this design. The artist has inspected and signed each copy in the edition. All trial copies of this edition have been destroyed and the printing stencils obliterated.