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Child To Mother

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  • Edition Size:
  • 85 signed and numbered, 8 artist's proofs, 8 remarques, 1 printer's proof
  • Paper Size:
  • 45 x 54.5 cm, 17.5 x 21.5 inches
  • Image Size:
  • 41.5 x 50.5 cm, 16.5 x 20 inches
  • Publication Year:
  • 1997

Child To Mother
Weep for me not my heart gone one
Who flew from me as an eagle to the moon
Can you come to love me, if only for one day
Hold me to your bosom, close, so I
Might feel your heart
Beating love, wisdom and light upon my
Tiny bod
Will you mother come to me,
And take my baby pain away
Fill me with what was stolen from me, time and time again
See that moon, just over there, rising from the sea
Meet me there my mother dear, embrace me til
I'm free, from all the shadows dancing round, flailing,
Brawling with deathly sound,
So come my mother, please, for just a while.
Over there, you see that moon rising from
The sea,
Meet me there my mother, please,
Embrace me towards eternity.
- Francis Dick

This limited edition silk screen print titled "Child to Mother" by Francis Dick was hand produced by the screen printing process. It is the only limited edition printing of this design. The artist has inspected and signed each copy in the edition. All trial copies of this edition have been destroyed and the printing stencils obliterated.