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WOOCS 2.2.6


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  • Edition Size:
  • 85 signed and numbered, 8 artist's proofs, 8 remarques, 2 printer's proofs
  • Paper Size:
  • 38 x 56 cm, 15 x 22 inches
  • Image Size:
  • 29 x 49 cm, 11.5 x 19 inches
  • Publication Year:
  • 2012

"Hummingbird is one of my clan crests and the one that I believe most closely represents me.
The hummingbird goes from flower to flower taking up the sweet nectar never staying in one place very long. Like the hummingbird I tend to flutter from place to place, never putting down roots, rarely being still, but enjoying what life brings my way. The humming bird is tiny but has so much strength travelling for thousands of miles to migrate for the winter.

I too am small in stature but it has never stopped me from accomplishing what I wanted. Like the hummingbird, I am there one moment and gone the next, off on a new adventure. Am I searching…no…I am seeing the world clearly for the first time in my life.

To me, the hummingbird represents freedom!"
- Carol Young

This limited edition silk screen print titled "Hummingbirds" by Carol Young was hand produced by the screen printing process. It is the only limited edition printing of this design. The artist has inspected and signed each copy in the edition. All trial copies of this edition have been destroyed and the printing stencils obliterated.

Published by Cedar Hill Long House Native Art Prints.