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WOOCS 2.2.6


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  • Edition Size:
  • 120 signed and numbered, 12 artist's proofs, 2 remarques, 2 printer's proofs
  • Paper Size:
  • 56 x 38 cm, 22 x 15 inches
  • Image Size:
  • 48 x 30 cm, 19 x 12 inches
  • Publication Year:
  • 2017

According to the Coast Salish, Loon symbolizes peace, tranquility, communication, serenity and generosity.

With a generous and giving nature, Loon features significantly in the art and mythology of Canadian First Nations Peoples. Loon is famous for its unique and often haunting voice, and is respected for its knowledge of various realms. Animals with unique vocal talents are held in high regard by Northwest Coast peoples, who traditionally perceive words, voice and song as carriers of power and magic.

Joe Wilson has a particular affinity with the Loon, as they are very protective of their young. In this design, he decided to depict an adult with its two young chicks. One clinging to the adult's back, whereas the other is venturing ahead, reminding Joe of his own children, where one is daring and exploring the world a bit more, and the other is staying close to home.

This limited edition silk screen print titled "Loon" by Joe Wilson was hand produced by the screen printing process. It is the only limited edition printing of this design. The artist has inspected and signed each copy in the edition. All trial copies of this edition have been destroyed and the printing stencils obliterated.

Published by Cedar Hill Long House Native Art Prints.