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WOOCS 2.2.6

Spirit Drum

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  • Edition Size:
  • 100 signed and numbered, 10 artist's proofs, 10 remarques, 3 printer's proofs
  • Paper Size:
  • 55 x 55 cm, 22 x 22 inches
  • Image Size:
  • 45 x 45 cm, 18 x 18 inches
  • Publication Year:
  • 1995

To the Cree, the beating of the drum represents a beating heart, and every drum has a spirit which interacts with the shaman playing the drum.

There is a mix of energies at play when the spirit of the animal that gave its skin to making the drum, the tree that gave its wood, and the energy of the shaman come together. Each drum, therefore, has a unique spirit which can grow in strength over time.

This limited edition silk screen print titled "Spirit Drum" by Patrick Logan was hand produced by the screen printing process. It is the only limited edition printing of this design. The artist has inspected and signed each copy in the edition. All trial copies of this edition have been destroyed and the printing stencils obliterated.