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The Owl Symbol – Native Art Symbols and Meanings

Few creatures are as polarizing among Native cultures as owls. They are often feared and revered at the same time. While some fear them for their supernatural powers, others celebrate them for their ability to guide and foretell future events.

In certain Native cultures the owl is believed to be connected to the afterlife and new beginnings. They are also seen as guardians, or protective spirits. To some they represent wisdom, clear vision and ancient knowledge. Still others believe that they are the restless spirits of ancestors.

Owls are superb hunters. They hunt at night, using keen hearing and sight, relying on stealth, rather than speed. Their flight is virtually silent due to their fringed wings, giving them the advantage of approaching their unsuspecting prey in silence and with no warning.

Many cultures around the world agree that owls are mysterious and elusive. It is this perceived mystery, which has sparked curiosity and intrigue for thousands of years.

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Native American print titled Owl Guardian by Trevor Husband
Owl Guardian
by Trevor Husband