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Wayne Young


Wayne Young was born in 1958 in Prince Rupert, BC into the Eagle Clan of the Nisga’a. Wayne attended school in Prince Rupert and began his career as an artist there. He began drawing at an early age and received his first instruction in the techniques of Northwest Coast design at the age of fifteen. His first teacher was Dempsey Bob.

After a sojourn in the western United States and Vancouver, Wayne returned to Prince Rupert where he started to dance and carve. In 1986, he went to Chicago with the Native Dancers to greet the visiting Maoris from New Zealand. Between 1985 and 1989, Wayne assisted his uncles Robert and Norman Tait in carving a series of Totem Poles.

Well equipped by the instruction he received from his two internationally renowned uncles, Wayne embarked on a solo career. His carvings are in collections around the world and he regularly participates in exhibitions.